ZIIODEK Interactive Solutions is a startup company located in El Paso, Tx that focuses in helping small business to have an online presence, guide them in the developing of an SEO and Social Media Marketing plan to increase their customer engagement.

We also like to develop more intuitive Software that helps with the necessities of small business focusing on an e-commerce mobile app platform that lets you create an Android e-commerce app without the necessity of codding.

Control Panel

My Shopping app platform

My Shopping app is an e-commerce platform that gives you the ability to create an Android e-commerce app without the necessity of coding, for Web Designers, for Mobile developers, for Marketing agencies that want to start creating mobile apps for their customers, if you are a business person, for everyone that wants to create, with a simple click start adding products and start selling.

Wordpress Website Design Services

Wordpress is a very popular tool to create wwbsites because of it's powerfull Content Management System, because of this more companies are adopting it, we will provide you with the perfect design for your website, fully customized and will cover all your needs, transform your ideas into reality and start giving identity to your business.

SEO and Social Media Marketing Solutions

Learn the basics of SEO to get more traffic to your website, understand the difference between organic traffic vs paid traffic and why it is important. Learn how to post on social media based on the best times and how to schedule your post to optimize customer engagement. Set up everything that your business needs to have an online presence. $200 one time payment, no monthly fee.

If you are looking for an SEO strategy and Social Media Marketing, we can develop a plan for your business. We take care of Social Media posting, ads and SEO optimization for you. $350 Monthly Fee for SEO optimization and Social Marketing Service

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