Why is important an e-commerce Mobile app?

Have an online store is very important to increased your sales not only for local customers, but to sell your products at a national or international scale, fortunately we can create our own online store with just a few clicks using the platforms like Shopify, Wix e-commerce, Bigcommerce, Woocommerce to mention some, but today users past a lot of hours using their phones so that is why maybe have a mobile a mobile app too can be the perfect combo to increase your sales and customer engagement, lets mention some of the benefits to have an mobile app for your store.

How we mention before, we as user spend significant amount of time on our Smart phone, is more comfortable and intuitive as a user to go and install an app on the phone than user the explorer, put the url and start shopping, users tend to go first to the app store and see if the app of a store they are interested in is available, they simple prefer an app. A mobile app increase customer engagement, it creates more personal shopping experience than on a website, also shopping cart abandonment is decrease in a mobile app, the checkout method is faster.and helps you create a long-term customer relationship.

So what so you think? maybe is time to go to the next level and add a mobile for you brand!!

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